A Jamaican Hotel Worker Froze To Death In The US

30-year-old Jamaican, Aldane Mullings froze to death in Wyoming in the United States. His body was discovered on Saturday lying in the streets on Tensleep Drive.

Mullings, who was in Jackson as a J-1 visa worker at the Lexington Hotel, died of hypothermia due to exposure, Teton County Deputy Coroner Russell Nelson said.

Authorities are no longer treating the death as suspicious after an autopsy determined that none of Mullings’ injuries were consistent with severe trauma.

“He had mostly abrasions and scrapes, the kind of thing you might get in a fall,” Nelson said. “There is nothing that suggests the kind of trauma that you’d see if he’d been hit or run over by a car.”

Mullings began his night drinking in downtown Jackson, Lt. Slade Ross of the Teton County Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies have pieced together the evening until about 2 a.m., when Mullings was seen drinking at the Rose, but have no information regarding his movements after that, or what brought him to Tensleep Drive. He is believed to have been intoxicated at that time, but deputies will need to see the results of toxicology tests to know whether he was drunk at the time he died.

The road serves as the south entrance into the Rafter J subdivision. Mullings did not live there, and his home was in the other direction, Ross said.

Security video from Storage Stables, which is nearby, shows a car in the area at around 6:20 a.m.

“We would really like to talk to that person,” Ross said. “They should have no reason to be fearful or feel like a suspect, but we would like to know what they might have seen.”

Ross also noted that he would like to speak with anyone who might have seen Mullings or been between the Rose and Rafter J during the time deputies cannot account for to assist deputies in figuring out what brought him out that far.

Deputies received a report of Mullings lying in the road at around 6:30 a.m. and closed Tensleep Drive to investigate for several hours.

Source: Jhnewsandguide.com



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