14-Year-Old Aliyah Jennings, Missing Again; Father Wants Her Home

Have your seen Aliyah Jennings? The teenager disappeared from her home in New Haven, St Andrew, in late April. It is not the first time that the teen has gone missing.

In March, the 14-year-old left her home and remained missing for just over two weeks.

But within three weeks of returning home, Aliyah again disappeared. Her father, Andre Jennings desperately wants his daughter to come home.

"On Father's Day, I see and hear from my other kids, but not Aliyah. Mi don't know where she is, and if she is safe. It is hard to cope. Mi nuh have a good night rest from she gone and it hard to just not know what happen. Mi just want she come home. All mi want is that mi likkle girl get a good education and to know say she just move off in her uniform and just gone so hurt, " he said.

Aliyah is from Emerson Avenue in New Haven, Kingston 20. She is of brown complexion, slim built and is 5 feet 2 inches tall.

"From she missing mi nuh just sit and wait on the police alone to work. Is nuff time me borrow my friends and relatives bike and spend hours on the road looking for her. I try to think like a teenager and go to spots where I know they would hang out but up to now I can't see Pinky (Aliyah's alias) . Sometimes mi stand up in Cross Road and Waterfront for hours, just to see if mi see mi baby," Jennings said.


According to Jennings, the 14-year-old did not return home from school in late April.

"On the day when I went to pick up the report, they were giving vaccinations at school but when her time come around, Aliyah was no where to be found. One of the teachers told me that she was at school and that her mother had already came to pick up the report. I thought she had gone home with her mom but she told me that Pinky did not come home and she didn't see her when she went to pick up the report," the father said.

Aliyah first ran away from home on March 25, after leaving for school. She returned home two days after The STAR published a story about her disappearance. Her father said she had told him that she was staying with someone in Ocho Rios whom she had met online.

"I really don't know what is going on in this little girl's head because it's not like she is being abused or being treated bad at home. She just changed drastically since she start go to high school," he added.

Anyone who may have seen her or knows her whereabouts is being asked to contact the Duhaney Park Police Station at 876 924-1423 or 119.



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