Teen Who Went Missing On New Years Found Naked On Facebook

A mother who posted a photo of her missing daughter, pleading for her safe return receives the shock of her life when she discovered her daughter, naked on Facebook with a man making out in bed.

She has been missing since News Years Eve, and hasn't been heard from until now. Not the New Year surprise any mother would be expecting especially not where your teenage daughter is exposed by a man posting nude pic with her in his bed couple days later.

When the post was drawn to the public’s attention scores of commenters went over to his Facebook profile and gave it to them RAW, for their carelessness especially the teen girl who had her mother worried sick.

Mother's post photo with teen missing


“She was reported missing and that’s where she was”

“an poor muma was worried sick deh now shlda gve her some rass lick”

“Not only does he look stink he look like he has some kind of STD”

“That’s why nuff time ppl don’t look when these young girls go missing.. gal pickney always mek them mumma shame. Smfh”

“I think there need to be a mandatory 15-20 years prison time for carnal abuse and/or rape, but then again our justice system need some work.”

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