Guyanese Man Who Stole 28 Million "Drug Money" Tortured on Video

A Multimillionaire Guyanese man who stole 28 million dollars "drugs money" from some Venezuelan drugs cartel is being tortured on camera and uploaded to Facebook for his family who are hiding to watch. 

This lucky, wealthy Guyanese man who was deeply involved in the drug trade, was smart enough to steal some "drugs money", upload photos on his Facebook profile with the stash, get caught by cartels and only has two days to return the money.

According to sources he and his entire family might wind up all dead thanks to his stupidity as these Venezuelan drugs cartel's doesn't play cat and mouse even if the money is returned.

29 year old Paul Dewever fathers three kids. Relatives admitted that he is deeply involved in the drug trade and was repeatedly warned of the risks attached.

This very disturbing video gives you the chills down your spine. Your actually seeing a real live person being torture outside your HD TV.

Watch the Video (NBTV)



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