Female Records Video Showing Private Parts While Baby Cried in Background

Careless, worthless, ole dutty gyal are the names thrown at one female who recorded a video showing off all private parts to the camera while her phone buzz off the hook and her wide-awake child in the background cried.

This is no way for a mother to behave in front of her child, one person wrote in the Facebook group to which the video was shared. All sorts of distasteful words were thrown at her but base on the profile which did the uploading, it may seem the video was leaked and with the name Shanice Baily in its title.

At one point she could be seen in her bra making all sort of funny faces with her tongue, its when her bra strap snaps that things got a bit more serious. Both got snapped and dropped there came plenty of flashing and more funny face with her tongue.

Waste no more time in catching this video on Facebook if its not already removed from the group. If that failed you may try the external link listed below.

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