Cop Under Investigation After Telling Thieves to Grab Purse on Wednesday Via Facebook

A policeman who used the social media platform, Facebook, to tell criminals "nuh bother grab nuh purse till about Wednesday" is now under investigation.

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he Inspectorate of Constabulary said yesterday that the posts are disturbing and in breach of the force's policies.

In one of his Facebook posts, the social media cop shares a picture of himself in blue denim police uniform, with the JCF pin attached, while resting his head on a marked police bullet proof vest. His rifle is also seen lying close by.

An excerpt of the photo's caption reads: "Gm ma people. What a lovely Monday morning. Just behave unnu self today, zeen, no inna d mood fi run down nobody. No stab u enemy today. Landlord lock off di light pan di tenant tomorrow. No take d people them man today n no bother grab no purse till about Wednesday".

In a follow-up post, the man shared another picture of himself seemingly in practice combat mode. He is seen wearing his uniform while standing in tall grass carrying a rifle.

"Gm my people what a lovely Monday morning. Last week, I asked for a day of good behaviour n I got it. I wanna say a big tnk u to u all especially d purse grabbers n d matey dem weh never trouble d people dem man. Me know me no so lucky fi get another perfect day so soon, so guess wah, anything unnu deh pan today me reaaaaaadddyy like freeeeedddy ..RAMP WID ME NUH."



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