Jamaican Man Boosted And Given $200 to Drink Grace Hot pepper Sauce

Smh this seems like joke to yall i can c the reason y he did it caz they bribe him this is wickedness and only black people do this to dem one another am sure if a one white man do this to a black man.

{xtypo_dropcap}Y{/xtypo_dropcap}'all would be bashing the white man yet all we do is be cruel to our one another.

I'll always rate the whites they protect and care for their one another while we treat our kind like animals what example are we setting there is no fun in that yall is just blood sucking demon all the man weh a drink Di pepper don't got a choice him goodly nuh eat from morning and will do anything to get a bills smh....

I hate pple most time wish mi coulda fly go a moon pon a spaceship but mankind ago be there with the same sh!t cant fight it, Rapstar Wuz Ere said in a Facebook comment.

After bribing and boosting the man to gobble down all that hot pepper sauce, in the end the intense peppery heat had caused him to want to rip his brains out, but seriously,  this is a horrible way to give money to the poor and needy with intentions of humiliating and causing suffering upon them for your own laughter.

Watch video below that surfaced online ...



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