Video Surfaced Online With Students 'Handing' Applications in a Class

Students at a Prominent undisclosed High school in Jamaica still hasn't learnt their lesson as yet in regards to a video that was uploaded to social media in which two students were recorded doing what is seen as way-beyond the norm of a regular activity in a classroom.

Today's technology and access to the internet opens many window for the eyes of the world to see and the plain fact about this is that it has no respect or privacy for anyone neither the individuals themselves who are involved.

Let's cut to the chase for a second and find out IF this video is still available to watch on Facebook. Leave your thoughts and comments below... Subscribe to our Page on Facebook.

NB. if that video above was deleted by Facebook you may have a final chance of watching the video on a link below which is NOT affiliated with this website and is considered an external source all in your favor due to the fact that your already here and expecting to see the Actual Video.

By the way you need to click on the words 'Actual Video' in order to watch!



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