27 Days Till Easter And Already Gully Bop Getting BUN! Whatsapp Leaked

"So me go mess with Gully bop girl head ask her if she a bop still deh and if she get money from him and tell her say me ago give her JA$5,000 for some 'front' she agree and say true she nuh know me we affi do it at her house."

"Anyway me never go because I was just messing with her. But she say she nuh business bout chin and bop because she get what she want from Bop and she tek what she want out a him money she say him sign when money pay over but a she deal with the bank."

source: jamaicanmateyangroupie.com

(Patios - English. Translated Version) ~ "I was flirting with Gully Bop's girlfriend asking if they were still together and if she is getting money from him." "I made and offer to her of $41 USD in exchange to sleep with her in which she accepts the offer and stated it will have to be at her personal house."

"I didn't turn up because i was just messing around with her."  "She stated she doesn't care about Bop and chin because she had already gotten what she wanted from his pocket. She is in-charge of his bank accounts."



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