Jamaican Man Posted Video Of Him R/\ping 15-Y-O On Facebook

One St Catherine man is facing heavy backlash for an alleged r/\pe video he uploaded onto Facebook on Monday evening.

The video, which 25-year-old Odane Anthony Greyson shared with a viral Facebook group, Speak Your Mind Jamaica, depicted a purported recording of sexual intercourse with him and a seemingly unwilling female participant begging him to stop hurting her.

The caption that accompanied the video was “DWL…fool”.  The video was subsequently deleted, but not before thousands of Facebook users had seen and heard the contents, and became enraged by the horrific details.

One could hear the pleas of the young lady sobbing: “Odane please! Odane please, you wouldn’t want nobody do you sister like suh, so please!”

This was followed by:  “But yuh diss me!” he argued. “Odane please,” she begged again.

“Weh mi seh? Stop di [expletive] noise before mi shot yuh a bax,” Greyson warned.

The conversation seemed to revolve around some dispute in which Greyson felt the girl had disrespected him and was ‘teaching her a lesson’.

The two-minute long video was mostly obscured as he attempted to record having sex with the girl, but her constant struggle to free herself rendered those who watched to listen to the girl’s pleas for him to stop.

Greyson’s profile page has since been flooded with expressions of anger, pain, disbelief, death threats and promises to exact justice.

When Loop News contacted the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA) on Tuesday morning, the agency was not aware of the viral video, but assured that when a formal report was made that the full extent of the law will be delivered to apprehend the alleged [email protected] encounter.

Several Jamaicans have shared Greyson’s personal details and contact information with Crime Stop’s Facebook page in hopes that some investigation be launched into the video.

Greyson has since responded to the just-deleted video...



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