A'mari Leaked Photos to Her Page; Quote "LA Lewis fretting over me."

"Wat the sense of posting this pic every one sh!t every one as a moment of silent this is jus childish I don't agree look like u soon put up gull bap put too." Fans lashed out in laughter after A'mari Leaked Photos of L.A Lewis.

A recent release of a music video entitled "Cheater Girls" ft Gully Bop ft performed by A'mari "DJ MonaLisa" had created historical laughter across all social media platforms where people are discriminating the whole thing as being complete garbage.

Gully bop on the other hand has made his way to stardom and with his frequent change of 'official' GFs, its just hard to keep track of who is what or who is who. We happen to locate a post made my A'mari in which she leaked a photo of L.A lewis on what happen to be a 'potty break' (Tie di Goat) lol ... Check A'mari's official facebook page to see this post and its comments!



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