Jamaican woman Scammed Trinidad Man out TT1.5M; After Baby Died

Jamaican woman scammed Trinidad man out TT1.5M and brags about in voice note. "Dem feel like a TT money alone strong? mi a go weh di US deh! A soh him fi get blow up; cause him a blood claat eediot."

Allegedly this woman was residing in Trinidad and got pregnant for the man; the baby died and was left at the morgue in an unclaimed state.

The article was published in the TT newspaper seeking the person/persons responsible. 

Scores of people on social media attacked the female for not only hurting, but continue to hurt the 'poor' man for his caring deeds towards her, others complimented her saying that the man got what he deserved and how of a fool he was to be overly and overly hurt by this woman.

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