Man Commits Suicide Via Facebook LIVE; Girlfriend Dumped Him

A young man named Erdogan Ceren committed suicide – by shooting himself in the chest. This was done on Facebook LIVE. The Turkish man is shirtless in what appears to be his bedroom as he presses the gun to his chest.

His first attempt fails as the shotgun appears to lock before he proceeds to fire a second time – and the screen goes black

A local media later reports that he died in hospital.

Ceren had previously documented his distraught emotions online, posting a Facebook status saying ‘feeling broken’ along with the words, ‘Our love saga would be written, “Behold, the eyes would not cry, half of you is going to tell you now, my hands do without that side”.’

Last month he had also posted on Facebook: ‘And now he passed away in peace. Why do you think spring is in the middle of ice. Just shut up and smiled at him, I gave a lesson “That’s why darkness. Forgive me, girl”.’



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