Pregnant Mother on Video Commits Suicide Infront 4-Y-O Daughter

A horrifying video is circulating on social media with a Jamaican woman committing suicide in front of her 4-year-old child.

Her 4-year-old child cried while witnessing his mother hanging herself. “it is said that the mother was depressed and stressed because she wasn’t financially stable to take care of her child and her baby father abandon them.

She had nowhere to live and no money to survive with her child.”

According to residents in the community, she was also pregnant. she’s 1 month pregnant they said. “she’s wicked but I understand her pain and struggles that she was going through. her 1st baby father and her recent baby father also abandon her.”

“She could’ve sought some form of help. they are good people out there who would’ve helped her if she really wanted help. she’s a wicked mother for committing suicide in front of her young child. that child is scared for life, someone said.”

The woman is said to be from Jamaica but sources refused to disclose the exact location.



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