Mother beats child with shovel video gone viral

Police are investigating again a video circulating on Facebook where a child is being physically abused by a guardian. The video was posted by Caribbean Youth Entertainment around 1 pm yesterday.

Contacted yesterday public information officer of the Police Service, Insp Wayne Mystar, said the police were aware of the video and the Cyber Crime Unit were attempting to trace its origin in order to bring the culprit to justice. 

 In the video a woman, who appears to be pregnant, is seen beating a boy who looks to be in his teenage years with a shovel. As the boy resists, the woman stands on his arms and chest in order to deliver the blows. During the recording the person taping is heard saying he will post the video on Facebook. 

 Throughout the beating the woman is cursing and threatening the child on one occasion promising to “buss the boy head” with the metal handle shovel. The licks came apparently as a result of the boy beating a child much younger and smaller than him. Sometimes the woman was seen kicking the child while shouting “Yuh like how that feel” as the child screamed. 

 By 5 pm yesterday the video had been shared 561 times and garnered 123 comments, most of which condemned the actions with a few poking fun at the situation. One comment read: “Spare the shovel and spoil the child.” 

 During the video the woman stopped twice to speak on her cellphone. 

In April Point Fortin mother Helen Bartlett said she was ready to go to jail after a video of her beating her child began to circulate on Facebook. Bartlett reportedly beat her 12-year-old daughter with a belt and told the girl’s sister to post the video on Facebook after the pre-teen was caught posting pictures of herself in her underwear. The girl later posted a video apologisng for her actions and assuring that she had learnt her lesson and would never do anything of the sort again. She also quelled speculations that she would be suicidal.




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