Teacher Stabbed My Baby in The Face; Points Finger On Innocent Little Girl

So today I get a call my son was stabbed n his back with a pencil. 5 minutes later I got another call he was stabbed in his face. So I’m like what happened his teacher Mr.Howard say a little girl did it and they writing it up.

I immediately asked can I come to get him right away. When I got there his teacher Mr.Howard told me how good he been since spring break he wanna bring him a smoothie in tomorrow.

We left as soon as I got in the car. I asked him why the little girl stabbed him in the face, he told me a little girl didn’t, Mr.Howard did.

Now u no me I go back n the school sits with the principal and Mr.Howard he lied saying he didn’t do it then break down crying saying he sorry he was scared to tell me the truth.

How should I go about this situation Because I no my way ain’t the right way and I'm currently in the hospital getting my baby's situation checked out.



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