Organ Harvesting Criminals Luring Females Into Fake Hotel Job Schemes

With high hopes that this 'human organ harvesting' thing is all an allegation in the case of the girls who recently gone missing, there is still a mystery as to why someone would faking employment, calling random females providing them with fake information and luring them away from their homes.

Scamming is nothing new in 2019 neither is human trafficking which falls close to prostitution.

Persons had it to say there could only be one goal in all of this, and that one goal is to harvest and sell human body parts in exchange for cold-hard cash.

We received a voice recorded conversation of a phone call between a woman who actually out-smarted a 'fake manager' of a particular hotel.

This article is based on reviews of comments posted under the original post.

The possibility however is very real.

About a week ago two females went gone missing on the same quest of visiting to Montego Bay for promised Hotel jobs.

On seperate incidents, they were neither seen or heard from since.

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