Infant Battles For Life After Allege Rapist Cut Open Private Part

A little Girl is now fighting for her life in hospital after she was attacked by an alleged 'farm rapist' who used a knife to cut and expand her private part enabling him to have his way with her.

According to the social media post which sends this horror story, the heartless serial rapist seen above in the file photo has more than endangered the life of a little girl, who is now fighting for life in an intensive care unit of Windhoek hospital.

This after he forcefully tried to penetrate her but could not, and then used a sharp object to cut and expand her private part allowing him to have an intercourse with her.

Commentators of the original social media post had this to say:

  • Time to bring in the death penalty.. Doesn't deserve the luxury of prison.. I pray this little girl and her family gets through this tragic time and that this man gets what he deserves..
  • This guy got ND600 bail an he has other cases of rape against him..i dont know how they let him out ...God help me that i dont see him.. kak sal hy kak..
  • The horror of this crime just eats at my heart and to think just for a moment what this child went through is in itself unforgivable! I am lost in trying to piece together this atrocity. I am not playing god and maybe I am wrong but we have little if no other option but to bring back the death penalty!
  • No person in their right mind would do something so atrocious - the trouble is that there must have been a psychological problem very evident for a long time and this should have been acted upon a long time ago and he would have been locked away in a psychichiatric institution for life before he committed this horrendous crime.

The location of the incident wasn't disclosed but a few commentators relates to an African country.

Details surrounding the story still remains a myth as the investigation continues.



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