KFC Worker Fights in Restaurant Leaving Customers '#Deading' With Laughter

KFC has launched an investigation into an ugly brawl that took place between two staff members in one of its restaurants. The employees were fighting in full view of customers, and pieces of the popular chicken were in danger of hitting the floor or even getting wet from flying saliva.

"The unfortunate incident that took place at one of our KFC locations is not a representation of the high standards and values to which we operate. We regret any inconvenience experienced by our valued customers, members of the public, and other team members resulting from the inappropriate conduct displayed," the company said in a statement.

KFC also stated that the incident is under investigation and appropriate action would be taken.

"We believe in maintaining a safe environment for our customers and team at all times, and will continue to deliver the highest level of quality products and service to all," they said.

It wasn't confirmed when or where in Jamaica the incident occurred but the two employees angrily went at each other even as other staff members and a security guard attempted to separate them.

As an amateur video of the incident made rounds on the Internet, some social media users joked about the situation.

"A mus fight dem a fight over the bwoy who do di fries cuz me no see what else dem could a war fa. A couldn't over a leg or a breast. Dem say when people hungry dem angry but dem can't hungry with so much fowl round dem," one person commented with a string of humorous emojis.

Others were more serious with their comments, lamenting that the employees disgraced the company's brand.

"It is so hard to find people in this country to function properly on the job," an Instagram user said.

Another commentator stated that the employees should be instantly dismissed.

"Dem people ya fi just go a dem yard. Dem not even tink about the danger and harm them put themselves and other people inna. A hot oil and dem ting deh gwaan deh so. It embarrassing man. Me sure me nah buy a da branch deh cuz me nah eat no 'angry' food," the user posted



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