Gangsters Keep Stealing My Underwear; Dem a Badman, I have no Chat

A Kingston man is in fustration after claims that gangsters from his community stole his underpants and other clothing from his home, rendering him unable to properly cloth himself.

O**** P**** said he is frustrated and is constantly dealing with theft since he moved to the community from a rural area.

"Look how much thing me bring a town, why dem a thief mi underpants? Dem tief and dem say dem a bad man. Den how yu a tief man underpants? As mi wash it dem tief dem. Mi wear all mi shirt, dem tief it," he said.

P**** said he reported the matter to the police, however, he believes that nothing would be done.

P**** said: "Mi tiad a dem, enuh, so mi go a di station and mek di police dem know. Mi say if me all lay myself careless, dem gooda tief me too. Mi can't manage dem and how dem a tek set, my underpants? No sah."

  • FEAR

P**** said that he has had difficulty approaching the men he suspects have a hand in the constant removal of his underpants.

He said: "Mi nah go have nothing fi myself. You know wah bun mi? Mi know a dem, cause dem walk and tief like dog but you can't even confront dem. Dem a bad man and mi haffi think twice even though mi sure cause me see dem ina mi things."

Checks made with the Kingston Central police have confirmed that the cops have knowledge of P****'s dilemma.

A police sergeant told our news team that P**** has brought the incident to the attention of the police, however, no formal report has been drafted.




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