Woman Punched 15-Y-O Girl in Brawl Over A Social Media Post

A 15-year-old student of Bridgeport High School had to be treated by doctors following a fight involving female students and a woman outside the institution in Portmore, St Catherine, on Monday.

In a video that is being circulated on social media, a woman, who intervened in a fight between the students, had to be restrained after throwing a few punches at the student and sitting on her after she fell in the middle of the road.


Audley Smith, the father of the injured student, told THE STAR that the conflict started because his daughter commented on a picture on social media.

"Is over a beach trip. The other likkle girl plan a beach trip fi go St Thomas, so it deh pon Facebook. So mi daughter go pon it and say: 'The only somebody else pon the beach trip poster look good a Hennessy', and from deh so it escalate," he said.


He claims that the adult female, who is the sister-in law of the other student in the brawl, sent his daughter several lewd WhatsApp messages before the confrontation.

"The girl inna nine grade and mi daughter inna 10 grade. She deh pon morning shift and mi daughter deh pon evening shift, so dem go from inna di morning go lay wait mi daughter when she a come a school," Smith said.


Upset by the woman's action, he said that he will be pressing charges against her.

"She too out a order. She shoulda go to the school and get the likkle girl and siddung and talk to dem as a big woman," Smith said

"Yuh don't go as adult to a likkle child like that. That mean a premeditate yuh a premeditate, and it coulda worse," he added.


But even two days after the fight, he said that his daughter is still complaining about feeling pain.

"She say har back a hurt har, her hand bruise and her lip did swell, but it gone dung. But she see the chip pon her hand and she a bawl fi har back, so mi carry har a doctor this morning (Wednesday)," Smith said.

Following the fight, Smith said that three students were suspended for 10 days, including his daughter and a relative who also tried to protect her.



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