VIDEO: Fake 'Cornmeal' Being Distributed Across Jamaica

The phrase once made by the Jamaican government, 'eat what you grow, grow what you eat' which many seem to have taken lightly should now be taken to the extreme level of seriousness where as these mass 'fake food' items are being produced and are being taken into your body.

Even after the discovery of fake rice, (plastic rice), cabbages, eggs, beef, even fake salt, lots more people are still petty on the type goods they purchase.

Our news team has since received a video which is currently making rounds on Social media where as the powdery substance obtain from maize (corn) popularly known as cornmeal, is being marked on the 'FAKE LIST' of produced being made.


In the video, the victims explained that their intentions of making cornmeal porridge for their 1 year old son came as a surprise after discovering that something was terribly wrong when the porridge had cooled.

Nothing extra was added to the porridge however it had this white 'jello-like' substance that floats at the top.

"This is the second time after boiling it, that it looks like that" they disclosed. "We had purchased the item at this store that we always do our shopping and at first  i thought it was the salt or the pot was the issue then ended up throwing it away.

The second time it was purchased it at a different store and everything went ok, it had no problems, it turned out just fine."

"The third time It was again purchased at our regular store and that is wen we got back the same jello-like result. I quickly grab my phone, take some photos and made a video, bring hte video to the store and made my complaint and tell them to discontinue the purchase of this item from that source.

Obviously this retail store is the one that has the contaminated product because we have always shopped and never had a  issue before.

I would however cast the blame on the manufacturer as there are other persons who have had similar experience at various location retail stores."



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