Woman in Video Had Reasons To Hit Child With Machete?

The police confirmed yesterday that they had detained a woman who was seen in a video circulated on social media beating her daughter mercilessly with a machete.

Hours after the video began circulating on social media, the constabulary's Corporate Communication Unit reported that the mother was taken into custody.

“We are aware of a disturbing video being circulated on social media of a suspected child being abused by an adult. We are investigating,” the CCU said in a text message.

The CCU, officials were unable to confirm if the mother was charged. The CCU said that both mother and daughter were being interviewed.

According to the CCU, the incident took place last November in Bath, St Thomas, the video sparked outrage on social media yesterday.

But what could have really caused this woman to snap like that, hitting the child seemingly 14 or 16 with a dangerous choice of a whooping stick, a machete.

Sure we are all quick to jump at this woman, throw her in a cell; throw away the keys but let's open a new leaf here and see the facts around this.

  • The child wasn't chopped
  • The child wasn't beeding
  • Only the flat side of the machete made contact.
  • The woman didn't kill the dog

That is indeed no joking matter, but when a woman is really fed up on certain parental grounds, she throws anything within her arms reach, even a machete

Speaking about snaps.

No wonder the woman 'snapped'

It has since been learnt that the young lady is being punished for having showing her 'toppers' ina video, not something a trying modther would want to see of her daughter

O wel, she snapped! Curious of this snap? Follow the one underlined in red.



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