New Dad Unhappy With Baby Looks And Threatens to Abandon it

A new young dad has shared to his Facebook timeline a photo with his newborn baby but expressed his joy in a regretful manner.

Scottie Smith's post had hints of disgust. “So My Baby is finally here and this is – Wtf God Give Me !!! Can U Put A New Born In DCFS?” (Department Of Cooperative And Friendly Societies).

The insensitive post had gathered over 11K shares, 3.7K comments, and 2.7K reactions withing the few hours posted.

Majority of commentators attacked him, classifying him as a dunce head for such an inappropriate comment.

His age and lifestyle showed him still being a inexperienced young man who found himself with a kid too early.

The original post was later erased.

Extracted comments are as follows...

Sharms Charles: The baby is perfect!! Grow up and thank the Lord you have a healthy baby. Most babies look puffy and swollen in their eyes at birth.Silly little boy

Burri Nah Burri: But that is how you look like, if you don’t know, I tell you now look at your mouth and score then you will see you in him.

Ansonia Saway Johnson: Did you see yourself when you were a baby? I think you are very high like you actually do.”

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More comments...

  • ”He’s perfect in every way, may God have mercy on you. I pray he’s surrounded with unlimited unconditional love and cover him with the blood of Jesus
  • He’s cute most definitely can send him my way I’ll be glad to be another mother to a lil baby. He’s not ugly big eyes and beautiful big ass lips I’ll love to be his mother, awww.
  • U mean!!!! Can I see your pix when you were a day born? …did you even feed the mum well or not try to abort the baby, if your mama had given you away …by now you will appreciate life more and fear God.
  • Your son is perfect and he is such a beautiful blessing why can’t you see that and cherish that. I bet your mother Is ashamed to call YOU her son. You don’t ever deserve to be a father because that a blessing it self and you don’t deserve nothing.
  • It angers me to see people like you have children and not cherish them to love them to care for them to Love them unconditionally. You discussed me by your actions.”

What are your thoughts on this? Was he wrong for what he had said?



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