Schooler Haunted With Fake Facebook `Gay Profile` Now Fear For His Life

For the past three years, a schoolboy said his life had been a living nightmare after someone created a Facebook profile with his image and has been posting some unsavory, gay content on the page.

The 18 year-old high schooler said he has been shunned and was almost beaten by his father who thought the profile was real, and now fears that homophobic persons will see the profile and attack him in public.


The youngster said he is on the brink of depression, and is finding it impossible to focus on his upcoming Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams.

"They post my pictures, and they add gay people on the page and post things, like, 'me want a man right now'. Sometimes when I go in public, people call to me by the fake profile name. It makes me scared to go out because I'm scared someone will see me and hurt me,"


He has reported the fake page to Facebook several times, but as soon as it is removed, the imposter creates another profile.

"About three profiles them create now. The fake profile texted people at my old school and started telling them things so I had to move," he shared.

The frustrated youngster continued, "In a country like Jamaica where this type of lifestyle is prohibited, it puts me at a risk. Anytime and anywhere someone can buck up on the fake profile and think it is me, and harm me. Imagine a student who will be sitting CXC in a couple of weeks have this type of stress on them."


He said he first encountered the gay profile when he was 15, after receiving a friend request from it. He then asked the person why his image was being used.

"The person said it's because they like me and I'm not showing any interest. So I started getting upset and cursing the person. After that, it stopped for a while. When I was in grade nine, it start back real bad."

The traumatized teen said he has stopped using social media completely, and has become somewhat of a recluse, even contemplating suicide.


Head of the police's communication unit, Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsey stated that many persons have been victims of fake profiles and other cyber crimes.

She advised that all such matters should be reported to the cyber crimes department of the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crimes Unit.

Renowned minister of religion Reverend Herro Blair Jr has committed to offering counselling to the youngster.



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