Crock`s Sleeps Beneath Our Feet At Nights Causing Chaos in Portmore

A photo that has been viraling on Social Media has raised many concerns in that particular community when one walks the streets at nights. Little we know that we are being watch, it sits , it waits, it launches an attack.

Portmore has always been the 'controlled' feeding ground for both mosquito and crocodiles in a cycle where one feeds from the swampy gutters and opened trenches, the other breeds from it.

`A sit mi sit down mi & mi bregin them a hold a reason and mi eye make contact with two eye ball under the manhole when the car light shine from up top of the road`

Never know a wah did in deh so we go check it out.

`At first it never look like a crocodile but after mi go over and turn on my phone lite mi realize it was a baby crocodile`

It never moved, just sat there like it dead, with eyes wide open.

They are always seen in the gully and on land near residential areas but as the man dem move them out so another one come back.

Crocodile in portmore



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