Viral Video With Mentally Challenged Couple 'Rain is Falling And Nature Calling'

A viral video now circulating on social media defines two Jamaicans, a woman and a man, seemingly mentally challenged, being 'mouthed' to perform sexual act on each other while being recorded for amusement.

While many found this video to be hilarious, it somewhat have a distasteful figure to others. There were few comments which showed sympathy for the two being that they were of unsound mind, and rage against those person/s involved and cheering them on.

At on point in the video, the woman actually reached into the man's trousers, and began pulling him else where private, but the stubborn man wouldn't budge.

She was later told to go down on the man at which she quickly did while they cheer on more.

The original video post found on Facebook had over 1.4k shares within 6 hours. It might not be available being that it violates the community standard.

Contact us via our social media page to see such video

A similar video was featured sometime last year in the same content nature with a woman known only as Aunty, being classed as Maypen Movie Star.

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