Cargo of Guns, Ammo, Handcuffs and More Seized in Saint-Marc, Haiti

Officers from the National Police of Haiti (PNH) and customs officers discovered this afternoon an arms shipment of firearms and ammunition, at the port of Saint-Marc (Artibonite Department).

According to authorities, this cargo includes, among others, the following materials: 150 firearms of caliber 12 millimeters with a single gun, 9 guns of caliber 12 millimeters double barrel 5 M4 weapons, 9 millimeters brand blog, 2450 cartridges 38, 3000 T65 cartridges, 4000 cartridges for 9 millimeters, 5,000 cartridges 22, 500 cartridges 12 unsted, 500 cartridges 12 Winchester 7 5.56 chargers, 1 M14 charger, 10 pairs of boots 15 pairs of handcuffs, tactical vests 5 and 12 bdu.

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Information confirmed by the Government Commissioner at the district court of St. Mark, John Franck. According to him, a certain "Charles Brown" was trying to deceive the vigilance and attention of customs officials to explicitly leave the port of the second city of the Artibonite Department with a package sent on his behalf.

What could have honed suspicion of supervisors of the customs that have made a thorough search of the container and discovered yesterday, Thursday, September 8, 2016, several military weapons, ammunition and military equipment. 

The minutes were drawn up in the presence of several government authorities, police and justice, said the head of continuing the prosecution of Saint Mark who said, among other things, that all materials and equipment were handed over to the police and the case was transferred to justice for appropriate action. 

The origin and destination of weapons and ammunition were not disclosed.



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