5 Y-O Girl Suffered Serious Bite From Neighbour's Rottweiler

May 15th 2016 is a date that my baby Girl and myself will never forget. She was playing at a neighbors house, as she does often. My neighbor told the children to pick up some trash that they had thrown down.

My daughter did as she was told, and during this she tripped and fell. That’s when the neighbors vicious Rottweiler dog quickly poked his head under a hole in their fence and snatched my baby under.

That’s when their other rottweiler began attacking her at the other end. These dogs tugged and pulled on my baby from opposite ends for several minutes until the grandfather came out to get them off.

My daughter was rushed to the hospital where she had thousands of dollars worth of injuries. My baby is only 5 years old and she now gets around in a wheel chair due to the fact that there is nerve muscle and tissue damage and she can’t walk at the moment.

Her hair was cut from her head and she’s emotionally scarred. What saddens me is that the dogs were only given 10 days in doggy jail. Please help me spread the word to the news, newspaper and community on how it’s important for animals to be PROPERLY secured.

I will be fighting for justice for my daughter. These dogs tried to kill her, they don’t deserve to live. I’m kindly asking everyone to share my story and help me protect another child from going through this same thing.



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