Racist Grandmother Accused of Setting a Fire That Killed Two of Her Grand Children

According to reports, a Tennessee grandmother has been taken into custody and indicted for the murder of her own grandchildren.

Reports say 51-year-old Linda Anne Dunavant has allegedly been accused of intentionally setting a deadly fire that took the lives of 1-year old Jaleah Jones and 6-month-old Ameyah Jones.

Reports say that Jessica Cunningham, the children’s mother, left the two little girls in the care of their grandma while she visited a nearby home. According to Cunningham’s own testimony in the local media, she was alerted to a fire happening nearby. She then quickly realized it was her own home on fire — her mothers house.

Cunningham told the local media she immediately rushed back to the house and found her mother lying on the ground outside of the burning house. She complained that her mother did not call the police or ambulance to come save her babies who were still trapped the burning building.

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