Jamaican Woman Killed, Husband Commits Suicide, 2-Y/O Witness Murder
"We are devastated to share that our beloved Janice Hutchinson was a victim of domestic violence, who did not survive".
"Janice Hutchinson was an amazing mother, daughter and friend that was loved by all who entered her life. She was a strong, vibrant, caring and loving person who was only 23 years old.
A dedicated mother and nursing student, she had great hopes of becoming a nurse to provide the best possible future for her son. Janice was a light and joy in the world, and never let a day go by that she did not reach out to family and friends, especially her mother in Jamaica, Angia (Ann Marie), who the family loving calls Daughter".
"On September 18, 2020, Janice was brutally murdered by her husband. Her murder was only discovered days later after her family and friends had panicked and contacted the police when they had been unable to get in touch with Janice for 2 days. No one could imagine what they would discover when they arrived to check on her. They found Janice on the kitchen floor with stabbing and gunshot wounds that had left Janice lifeless.
Her husband had committed suicide. Her 2-year-old son was found alive, but tragically a witness and victim of this unimaginable crime. He had been left alone for 2 days before the authorities discovered this horrific situation. When they found her little boy, his mother and stepfather were dead, and he was in shock and covered in his mother's dried blood.
We cannot even begin to imagine the horror it was for him".
In this great devastation, the family hopes to bring Janice's remains back to her home country of Jamaica for burial and a celebration of her life.
Her family will also be travelling to pick up her son and bring him back to Jamaica where he will live in the loving care of his grandmother, his dad and family.
To help Janice's family through this incredibly painful, traumatic, and unimaginable tragedy, family and friends are coming together to help in any way they can.
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