Couple Leaked Information to FBI on Jamaican 21-Y-O Law Student

Jamaican Yanique Coach and her struggling American boyfriend Dwayne Breary quickly spilled the beans on Norman Manley Law student Teresa Wilson after they were busted in the Lotto scam sceme that bilked an 89-year-old Virginian woman out of thousands.

What the two told agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) led to Wilson’s arrest in Florida on June 16, and her teary-eyed mugshot being posted on the internet.

The arrest of the Montego Bay native came as she awaited results of her final exams at law school, and left all who knew her in shock.

US prosecutors in Florida in April announced the arrests of 25-year-old Coach — who knew Wilson from their days at the Westwood High School in Montego Bay — and Breary.

Coach and 31-year-old Breary subsequently pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud. Their plea agreement — which was shared with Loop News by prosecutors in Florida — gave an insight into what the two told the FBI about their involvement in the scheme and Wilson’s alleged role.

In Breary’s plea agreement Teresa Wilson is referred to as TW. She’s described as “co-conspirator 1” in Coach’s plea agreement.

The two had shared the information with FBI agents from as far back as March 2015, records shows.

“According to Breary, he met TW through YCC [Yanique Chantel Coach] in 2014, and confirmed that TW was some type of middle-man in a cash scheme that involved himself and YCC accepting UPS packages,” according to the documents provided to Loop News.

“TW would have packages delivered to the residences he and YCC lived at in Pembroke Pines [Florida] and the Heritage Estates apartments,” it added.

During the interview, Breary admitted to taking part in schemes with YCC and others where his roles included signing the fake alias "Sandra Smith" for the UPS package, the documents said.

“In total, Breary said he has seen three packages under TW's scheme. On one occasion, Breary stated that YCC [Yanique Chantel Coach] opened a package sent to them at Pembroke Pines. Breary said YCC opened the package and counted out approximately [US] $100,000 in cash, which shocked him, seeing such a large amount of money,” said the documents.

According to the documents, Breary stated that he struggled to make money and Coach offered to help him out if he would assist her with the scheme.

Breary admitted in his April 7, 2015 interview with FBI agents to signing the alias "Sandra Smith" for the UPS package delivered on March 19, 2015, to Coach's residence in Orlando, Florida.

“Breary admitted he knew all of this was not legal but he was struggling so much for cash that he took the risk with YCC,” the document said.

Coach was interviewed by FBI agents on March 19, 2015, during which she admitted that her role was to accept packages mailed from an individual by signing a fake alias.

Coach told the agents that the scheme started in November 2014, when she was contacted by ‘co-conspirator 1’ with a plan for Coach to accept packages via UPS, using an alias and fake signature matching the alias.

“Coach stated that in approximately December 2014, she received a package from UPS and held it for co-conspirator 1, who flew to Florida from Jamaica to recover the package,” the document said. “According to Coach, the package contained approximately [US] $100,000 and Coach was given [US] $3,000 as payment for her role in the scheme,” according to the records.

Coach stated that there were four total deliveries, via UPS, managed by co-conspirator 1 who was in Jamaica where the packages were delivered to Coach's residence.

Coach's prior residence was located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, where she received the first three deliveries. COACH moved to her new residence in Orlando in February 2015. Coach said that a fourth package addressed to “Sandra Smith” was to be delivered on March 19, 2015, to her residence in Orlando, Florida, containing US currency.

According to Coach, co-conspirator 1 planned to pick up the fourth package on March 19, 2015, but was unable to do so.

COACH explained that she and co-conspirator 1, therefore, agreed to the following plan for the delivery that would take place on March 19, 2015: After verifying Coach safely received the UPS package, co-conspirator 1 would send another person from Jamaica to open the package. That person would count the money, give Coach her share for her role in the scheme, and depart.

“According to Coach, the person traveling from Jamaica would then go purchase clothing for the leaders of the scheme in Jamaica due to the lower cost of the clothing in Florida,” the documents said.

“The person traveling from Jamaica would then fly back to Jamaica and give the rest of the cash and clothing to co-conspirator 1 to deliver to the leaders of the scheme. Coach's co-conspirators would get their portion paid to them from the leaders of the scheme for their role,” the records added.

Coach is to be sentenced on August 25. Breary's sentencing will be on September 20.

Source: loopjamaica



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