Texas Man Raped And Molest Also Infecting Niece And Teen With HIV

David Wilson has been sentenced to life in prison following the molestation of his 23-month-old niece and a 14-year-old girl that resulted in the teen’s impregnation and infecting both with HIV.

The Texas resident has been registered as a sex offender since his first assault in 2005. He was found guilty of sexually assaulting a child and sentenced to four years in prison.

Since the previous offense, he was found guilty ten years later in 2015 for the super aggravated assault of the toddler and teen.

The toddler, who was also his niece, was sent to live with him and family in Houston due to ongoing drug abuse in the household. He received his sentencing Thursday, Mar. 17.

In November 2015, the toddler was taken to the doctor where she was diagnosed with HIV, genital herpes, and chlamydia. She was also forced to undergo genital reconstructive surgery due to the infection.

The teen, who admitted to a social worker that she had been having sex with Wilson for two years prior to his arrest, was brought into the doctors for her pregnancy and diagnosed with HIV, herpes, and chlamydia as well.

A Houston judge sentenced Wilson to life behind bars shortly after his sexual assault conviction.



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