Woman Pour Boiling Water on 15-Y-O Sister Who Allegedly Slept With Her Man

Shock is still on the faces of residents in a undisclosed community after a married woman burned the private parts of her 15 year old sister after allegations surfaced that she is sleeping with her husband.

The 15-year old sister was temporarily staying with the couple due to a fall out she had with there parents of which she was previously resided with.

The young lady became too comfortable and began sleeping with the husband of her sister.

The sister eventually found out what was happening in her home, confronted her sister and the husband with a container of boiling water and poured it in between her groin area which burnt her thighs.

One resident stated that this was not the first time the young lady had being seen moving too friendly with the husband of the sister and they believe she was at first forced into action by the sister’s husband before she started loving and enjoying the game.

She is currently in the hospital nursing 3rd degree wounds.

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