2-Y-O Girl Froze to Death After Being Left Outside; Parents Jailed 18 Months

A mum has been jailed for 18 months over the death of her daughter who 'froze to death' after being left outside in the bitter cold.

Tierra Williams, 23, had left daughter, Wynter Parker, with the girl’s father when she went out February 2, 2018. But when she returned home two hours later to the Akron home, she found the little girl 'frozen' on the porch on what had been a freezing cold day, authorities claimed.

Upon being jailed for 18 months by Summit County Judge Alison McCarty Tierra reacted angrily,  Akron Beacon Journal  reported.

She shouted: "That is so f****d up. I’m so f*****g mad." Tierra and her ex-boyfriend, Dariaun Parker, 25, pleaded guilty to child endangering in November for Wynter Parker's death.

Parker, who received two years in jail, pleaded guilty last November to child endangering, which carries a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Both were hoping for probation, while prosecutors urged prison time.  Williams found her daughter, Wynter Parker, unconscious outside the family’s Willow Run apartment and made a frantic call to 911.

Tierra Williams

Williams told the dispatcher: "She’s frozen! She’s frozen." Williams, who was pregnant at the time, told police that she left Wynter with Dariaun Parker for about two hours while she was out with their 4four-year-old son.

Parker lost track of Wynter on a day when Akron’s temperatures never rose higher than -7C. Wynter, who hadn’t been wearing warm clothing or a coat, died from severe hypothermia.

The parents broke up after Wynter’s death. Angela Williams, Tierra’s mother, said her daughter is a good mother who made 'one bad decision'. She continued: "We need to heal as a family and not be pulled apart with her being gone from her kids and her family."

Assistant Prosecutor Dan Sallerson claimed that it wasn't the first time Akron police had been called to this couple’s apartment because their children were outside unattended.

He said Parker was up all night, and the family had breakfast on the morning of Wynter’s death before Williams left with their son. Judge McCarty said taking care of children should be their most important duty, but this wasn’t the situation in the family home.

She said two-year-old children who are left unattended can get into lots of dangerous situations, like walking into a pool and drowning or drinking something poisonous.

Kani Hightower, Williams’ attorney, admitted she had made a mistake by leaving Wynter alone with Parker, knowing that he hadn’t gotten any sleep.

But in her defense she did all she could to help her daughter when she found her outside.

Wynter Parker



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