15 Years Strong: Couple Exchanged Vows in Hospital After Near-Fatal Accident

A near-fatal accident three weeks before their wedding almost derailed the plans of a Sangre Grande couple. Basha Cain, 29, had planned to marry her common-law husband, Sean Cain, 45, in a ceremony at the Open Bible Church in Sangre Grande on Boxing Day.

Instead, they exchanged vows at Sean’s bedside in the Sangre Grande Hospital on that said day.

The couple has been together for approximately 15 years and have two children, five-year-old Azariah and 18-month-old Jahson.

Earlier this year, they said they decided it was time to do the right thing for their children by tying the knot. But on December 7, Basha and Sean were in a friend’s maxi taxi returning to Sangre Grande from a beach lime in Toco when the vehicle spun out of control, hit a narrow bridge and split in half.

Basha was unhurt but when she was able to extricate herself from the wreckage, she realized her fiance was pinned inside the vehicle with a piece of the vehicle’s muffler protruding from his left leg.

As she held his hand and watched him bleeding the roadway, Basha recalled seeing one of her wedding invitations scattered amongst the debris. “I wasn’t sure if he would make it, he was bleeding so much. I remember being so scared and then I looked down and saw the invitation just lying on the road, with all the pieces of the vehicle and garbage... and I was thinking, ‘This is where my wedding reach.”

“I couldn’t believe things had gotten so bad so fast,” she recalled.

Sean was cut out of the wreckage by Firefighters and taken to the hospital with the muffler still in his leg. He became stable after hours of emergency surgery and remains warded at the hospital awaiting more surgeries to have a piece of steel rod inserted in his leg so he can walk again.

In the first few days after the accident, Basha said she was optimistic that Sean would be released in time for their nuptials but as time wore on, it became apparent that things would not go according to plan.

“It was like everywhere we turned there was something else in our way. We didn’t know what to do and I called Pastor Bridget Fletcher from the church and I was crying on the phone and she said, “Don’t worry, the church is with you and Sean,” Basha said.

Sean, who admitted he did not lead the best life before the accident, said his confinement to the hospital bed opened his eyes to many truths. “I was lying here, reading Psalms from a tablet when I started to think about the kind of life I was living, the drinking, smoking, liming all over and I broke down and cried,” he said.

“All the people I thought were my friends never came to see me even though all of them had been invited to my wedding and had promised to come.” Sean said Pastor Fletcher became a lifeline for him and Basha as the days went on, leading to their decision to continue with their wedding plans. “With the counselling and prayer, we decided to do the wedding right here in the hospital,” he said.

Basha said she bought a cheaper wedding dress than the one her mother-in-law had bought for her in the United States and Sean wore a shirt with a bow-tie. “We said no matter what, we were not going to give in to the devil and give up on each other. We got married right here by this bed and we couldn’t be happier,” she said with a smile.

Since the accident, Basha has been working three times as hard to ensure her family can survive the experience. She is employed as a relief maintenance worker at the hospital. Before the accident, Sean cleaned and maintained the Parry Recreation Ground and its facilities. Determined that her husband will not lose his job, Basha is filling in for him.

“I come in every day at 5 am to clean him up and bathe him and then I start my job for the day. When I’m done here, I go to the ground and I do his job. Then I go home, cook and bring back food for him before going back to take care of the children,” she said.

Despite her hectic schedule, the newlyweds still find time to share meals together and they credit all their happiness to their newfound love of Jesus.“I never used to even go to church. I used to tell Basha whenever she going that she would represent both of us,” Sean admitted.

“But now I can’t wait to go. Jesus saved me and opened my eyes to the wrong that I was doing, He has made me a better man for my family.” Basha said whenever Sean is discharged from the hospital, they will plan a celebration at the church.

“We want to do things differently this time and spend our wedding celebration with our church family,” she said.




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