Central Car Dealer, Sheron Sukhdeo Shot Dead at In-Law's House

Central division police have confirmed that businessman and car dealer Sheron Sukhdeo is dead.

Police said that around 8.30 pm Sukhdeo was at his mother-in-law's home when gunshots were heard.

Witnesses said a man jumped out of a nearby track and shot him multiple times

He was taken to the Chaguanas health facility where he died.

'Lots ppl will be very happy to hear this news while some big talk show host will be crying' one commentor write

Last year November, Sheldon Sukhdeo, and a female companion narrowly escaped death and serious injury when they were struck during a drive-by shooting in San Fernando.

In that report, Police said the car was parked near 4Play Guest House along Bertrand Street, San Fernando, when a vehicle passed firing several shots.

Sukhdeo was shot in his right bicep while Vera was grazed by a bullet on her left arm.

Sheron Sukhdeo has always been in the news for questionable car deals and for beating his wife.



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