Woman's Life of Abuse Ends After Suicide

The woman who drank poison and wrote a note in hospital that she was physically and emotionally abused for half of her life, has died.

Rachel Madoo, of Felicity, died on Thursday three days after she drank an insecticide.

Madoo’s mother, Deomatie Madoo, said her daughter told her she consumed the poison after she was beaten, dragged and slammed against a wall.

The mother said she begged her daughter to live with her and stay away from her abuser.

She claimed that the man also abused Madoo’s 13-year-old daughter.

A note written on an envelope by Madoo explained why she wanted to end her life.

“I live in an abusive relationship with (name called) for 17 years. I have a 13 year old daughter whom he also abused as well. He would beat me and always tell me I have a man. Until on Monday he came home and started cursing and beating me until I got fed up and drank poison. I am presently in Mount Hope and I need help. My husband work in the army. I fear for my life please help me please”Madoo

Deomatie Madoo said that her daughter met her abuser when she was 17-years-old and after a short courtship, the daughter moved in with the man.

“About a few months after they started to live together he started to beat her. He always accused her of infidelity. He is sick. She always explained it to him that she didn’t have anybody else but he wouldn’t listen”, she said.

The mother said her daughter was beaten numerous times, and she went “back and forth from my house to his house” over the next 17 years.

“He would fool her and tell her he loves her and they will live good for a while. But then he would beat her again. Things never changed”, she said.

The physical abuse also trickled down to Madoo’s 13-year-old daughter.

“He even beat the child with a mop stick until it broke”, said the mother.

Deomatie Madoo said last year she finally convinced her daughter to report the abuse to the police.

The mother showed the Express documents stating Madoo obtained a protection order against the man from the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court in March 2017.

However her daughter again returned to her abuser after he told the magistrate that he would not assault her.

The mother said that on Monday her daughter said the man came home and started an argument .

‘She said she went outside. She went and pray. She said that he dragged her and he kicked her in her belly. And rammed her against a wall. She held my hand in the hospital and said ‘Ma, I with him for 17 years, why I have to go through this?’,”, said Deomatie Madoo.

“I build a house and I applied to social welfare to get a bed, stove and a wardrobe. I said stay by me and we will be happy together. She said alright. But he will always fool her, tell her that he loves her, and she would go back. I told her that man don’t change”, said the mother.

Deomatie Madoo said that after her daughter died at hospital on Thursday, the man called her.

“He said: ‘So she dead’. I asked him how he know that. He said because the officer wanted to question him”, she said.

The mother said her daughter did not report her abuser’s behaviour to his work supervisors.

“She was such a nice, loving daughter to me. It is so sad to see my daughter go down this road”, the mother wept.

An autopsy was performed at the Forensic Sciences Centre on Friday.



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