17 Confirmed Dead in 'Horrific' Attack on High School in Florida

Sixteen people wounded in the shooting were taken to hospitals in the area. Eight victims and the suspect, Nikolas Cruz, were taken to Broward Health North. Dr Evan Boyar said two of those victims died at the hospital, three remain in critical condition, and three are stable. All had been shot.

The suspect is now in police custody after treatment. Eight other injured victims were taken to separate hospitals. There is no information on their condition at this point.

Investigators are appealing for those who have images and video of the attack to send it to them:

In an interview with CNN, another former student at the high school – who was not named – said he knew the suspect Nikolas Cruz:

He was kicked out of school last year. He always had guns on him. There was a lot of crazy stuff that he did, just not right for school.

He got kicked out of school multiple times. He carried multiple guns. He showed me his guns.

Actually I was kicked out of school myself and I saw what guns he had. He showed me personally. Often the kids wouldn’t pick on him because they knew what could go on. They were scared at the time.

A lot of people were saying that it was going to be him. All the kids joked and like that saying he was the one that screwed up at school but it turns out everyone predicted it. That’s crazy.

He knew the school layout. He knew where everyone would be. He’s been to the fire drills. He was prepared for this.

23 year-old Sivan Odiz, a local resident with close family friends in the school said a 15 year-old friend of her younger brother had been inside a classroom the shooter attacked. She had been in contact with the student after the shooting happened:

He said he pretended to be dead, but when he got up, there were two people shot. He’s really shaken up. He’s normally a really strong kid - but he’s just shocked.”

The tragedy appears to be the eighth deadliest mass shooting in contemporary US history, according to data on public mass shootings compiled by Mother Jones. The database tracks public mass shootings since 1982 with four or more victims killed.



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