Mom Calls Cops on Son With Dead Girlfriend's Corpse Inside Room

A Mother Out-Done Jerome Wright, 32, of Miami who had been living with his mother was a troubled child throughout his life. Wright had been suffering from schizophrenia since he was 15 years old his mother shared with local10 news reporter Carlos Suarez.

According to his mother, Wright had been hospitalized dozens of times in the past.

Wright’s mother who knew she had a troubled child, had done all she could do to help her son: “I try to help him because he’s my child. He’s my only child and I tried my best,” Della Wright said. “My son was getting help.

He was at New Horizon getting his treatment and taking his meds.”   Entry With No Exiting Wright had been dating 52-year-old Deanna Clendinen who was 20 years his senior but none the less his girlfriend. According to his mother he had been seeing Clendinen for about 1 year.

The relationship was a bed of roses as he was arrested back in March for aggravated battery against Clendinen allegedly. Wright confessed and plead guilty and is currently on probation for the assault. On Friday night things would get very severe after Wright’s mother called police after smelling an awful stench that was seeping from behind the door of her sons’ room.

Upon arrival law officials listed on their police report that Wright came out of his room in a way that would raise many red flags. He came out according to the source: “Naked and sweaty and advised the officers that he had a stomach ache.”

Officers searched the room and discovered what appeared to be bodily fluids on a trash can and a mattress.” And he told police: “If you find something in my room, it’s from the internet,” police said.

Wright said he hadn’t seen Clendinen in five months and that she wasn’t at his house recently, police said. Upon further investigation police almost immediately discovered the body of Wright’s girlfriend Deanna Clendinen who was covered with clothing and several sheets.

Clendinen was stuffed in his bedroom closet according to law officials. Wright denied to the police that there was a body in his closet and stated that “whatever was in his room was not real,”  but during an police interview, Wright said there was a life-size blow-up doll in his closet that “is made of flesh” according to the source.

There was so much stuff covering Clendinen’s body that police officers initially only saw a decomposed leg that was protruding from the pile of stuff.

Take Him Away Clendinen had stayed over to Wright’s home frequently according to his mother and in the last week was the only person who came and visited. His mother stated that she hadn’t seen Clendinen since last Tuesday when Clendinen went into Wright’s bedroom. His mother then told law officials that her son ran out of his room a few days later complaining of stomach pain.

She inquired about the smell coming from Wright’s room and he stated that he  “saw a rat in his room, had diarrhea and the dog defecated on the floor” according to the source. His mother also shared with  police that her son smelled like blood and that a foul smell was coming from the garbage located in the kitchen, so she took it out without looking inside to see what was smelling so awful.

In the police report they listed that Clendinen’s body had a large laceration in her abdomen area and that several of her internal organs were missing. Her organs were later discovered in the trash bag outside the home.  Wright was arrested on Saturday and faces charges of abusing a dead body and remains in police custody.

Clendinen’s cause of death is still pending the outcome of her autopsy.



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