Video Surfaced With Members of KKK Allegedly Hanging Black Girl

A very disturbing video of a young black girl with a noose around her neck, being hung by several white men, allegedly members of KKK has cause more than a riot on social media of which the video has been uploaded.

Rumors are spreading involving Kendra Shanice Reid and a porn star Trazcy Kush after a video went viral on Facebook allegedly showing a black woman being hung by white supremacists.


According to an article on thedailyhaze, Kendra Shanice Reid’s body was found hanging in a wooded area of Finch Park shortly after 9 a.m. on April 28.

Many believe that foul play was involved in Reid’s death, even though local law enforcement have the death marked as a suicide at this time. The growing doubt that her death was a suicide helped fuel the fire behind the rumor that she is the girl in the viral video.

Reid’s body was found outside, while the girl in the viral video is hung inside. However that may not be enough evidence for some to believe that it is not Reid in the video.

The video was first uploaded on Daily Motion in February, two months before Reid’s death. The video was uploaded by “Confederate’s Revenge” and believed to be a response to a hate crime that occurred in January. Daily Motion removed the video.


Hardcore porn star Trazcy Kush has been in films with the racially charged porn group Ghetto Gaggers.

The girl in the video does bear a resemblance to the pornstar, Kush has dismissed all accusations of her being in the viral video and denies any connection to it via her Twitter account.

While these rumors have been ruled out, the main question still exists. Is the video real? At this time we have reasons to believe the video is a fake, but with the original video being pulled, it is proving to be a challenge to obtain the evidence to back that claim.


The video is broken in to two clips, and is believed to still be missing up to 30 seconds. If you feel the need, you can watch the video and come to your own conclusion of the authenticity. Regardless of the video being real, it still delivers a truly disturbing message.

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