Portland Woman Strikes Back at Boyfriend With 10'' Knife During Dispute

The uprising violence against women in the past months have driven fear into many unstable relationships and women who believes at any point a man can suddenly turn against and cause harm upon them.

A woman who recently had this encounter, armed herself with a 10-inch kitchen knife and slashed her boyfriend during a dispute they had earlier this Christmas week.

In a report she stated that she felt her life was in danger and didn't want to be inline with previous victims of the assault neither will she be making the 'dead news' tonight.

Sharon and her boyfriend Victor had been living together for months now. Recently, they have been having frequent quarrels and arguments which keeps escalating to one abuse after another.

"Victor shoved Sharon to the ground and kicked her like a rock stone" said one onlooker who exaggerated in details. "She got up and ran in the house as victor gave chased with a piece of board", She ran straight to the kitchen and grabbed a long knife to defend her self from her attacker.

Sharon's younger niece explained how he swung the board at her head and missed, the board slipped from his hand giving her the opportunity to slash him with the knife across his upper body (exact location undefined).

He quickly fled the scene after residents came down on him with sticks, machete and stone, Sharon is a well-known woman in the area who the residents respect and love.

Violence against women needs to stop, if one finds his/her relationship in a state of immobility, then best to go his/her separate ways...



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