Dad Wants Mom Who Failed to Report Daughter's Rape, Jailed

An irate father is calling for the authorities to move swiftly in taking criminal actions against the mother of his child after she allegedly failed to report that the child was being sexually abused.

According to reports, a six-year-old girl had been complaining to her parents of feeling discomfort in her private area after waking up one morning.

Dad, 58 year old father, had to take his daughter to get medical attention after the mother only gave the infant a cream to rub on the area.

"She told her mother and her mother told her to go to bathe and put cream on it. I go pick her up from school that day and she came home. During her sleep, she was acting strange. When she wake up I asked her what happen and she told me she told her mother." Dad said.

He said he then examined his daughter for himself and became suspicious, and decided to take her to a professional doctor and the May Pen police (CISOCA Office).

"Before I took her to the doctor, I told her that I am going to tell her mother, but she started crying profusely and said that her mother told her not to tell anybody or else she ago beat her," Dad added.

The six-year-old girl was then admitted at the May Pen Hospital for three days. During that time, doctors reportedly recommended an emergency HIV test after she was examined by a pediatrician.

Thomas was later told by another doctor that it was probably a case of suspected yeast infection. However, he did not accept that theory because the examination only lasted a mere five minutes.

Unsatisfied of the report, Dad reported the matter to the Child Development Agency (CDA), Office of the Children's Advocate (OCA), and Office of the Children's Registry (OCR), as his intention was to acquire custody of his daughter who was living with her mother and stepfather when the matter came to light.

While things were not conclusive in the first incident, on November 15 the child again told her father that she was violated by her mother's boyfriend.

"She told me that her stepfather was touching her up while she was lying on her mother's bed and her mother was in the bathroom. She said she told her mother, but her mother did not say anything.

I took her to the station to report it," Dad said, adding that he also took his daughter to the Bustamante Hospital for Children where she was examined and interviewed.

The child's stepfather was charged with sexual touching and is to be placed before the courts on January 5.

During a custody hearing last Wednesday, Thomas said a judge ordered that the child be removed from the care of her mother. Instructions were given for her to live with her grandmother in the interim.

"There is a gender bias. Her mother is to be charged as well because she neglected the child. They are acting in a biased way towards me as a male. If it was me who abuse my child, I couldn't see the light of day," Dad said.

According to angry father, the OCA and CDA are supposed to represent the child. He also insists that the mother should be locked up for not reporting the matter.



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