Farmer Arrested For 'PIMPING OUT' Females Recruited Via Facebook

A 41 year-old farmer has been arrested and charged with human trafficking, living on the earnings of prostitution and money laundering via female he recruits from Social media.

The man, Devon Scott, is to face the Half-Way-Tree Parish Court on Thursday, November 24. 

According to police reports, lawmen visited a bar in the Kingston 11 area after receiving reports of exotic dancing, human trafficking and other sexual activities, where three females including a sixteen year-old girl were rescued.

The police deemed the females to be victims of human trafficking.

The police allege that females were recruited through social media and transported to bars in various locations to perform sexual favours for which Scott was paid.

The cops said further that the vehicle that was used to transport the females was seized by the police and is now the subject of an asset forfeiture and money laundering investigation.

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