J.P.S Co Upgrades to Bogue Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Power Plants

What impact does this have on your electricity bill? Well first let's say that is a Historic Milestone For Jamaica! Jamaicans will be benefiting majorly from this new system.

As seen in an ad sponsored by the JPS company, Already they are commissioning their new Bogue Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Power Plant In Montego Bay.

"What does this mean for me?".

● Fuel Diversity – The intro of LNG will support JA’s push to reduce over-dependence on a single source of fuel.

● More Stable Prices – LNG means greater stability for the energy landscape.

● Cleaner Air –LNG will significantly reduce harmful emissions & provide cleaner air for you & your children & will help JA's tourism product.

● Economic Development –LNG provides an attractive alternative to other fuels & will fuel development in key areas of the economy. This means more investment in businesses & more jobs for JA.

● Energy Hub – The intro of LNG presents an opportunity for JA to become an energy hub for the region. Already, New Fortress Energy is planning to provide gas to Barbados from JA.

JPS is proud to be partnering with New Fortress Energy to lead the introduction of natural gas to Jamaica,” said JPS President & CEO, Kelly Tomblin.

“The country has been trying to achieve fuel diversity for a long time, and 2016 represents the year that it has really happened, with the introduction of gas, grid-scale solar, and the addition of significant wind capacity to the grid.

Natural gas will play a key role in transforming the energy sector, while supporting industrial development and economic growth.

We are definitely on the threshold of great things for Jamaica and the region,” she said.

Source: www.jpsco.com



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