'Web Lane Gang' in Clarendon Sends Order to Parents: Want Daughters For Sex

Residents in Clarendon and police have confirmed that members of the Web Lane gang have been demanding that parents hand over their teen daughters to them for sex.

“The criminals have been causing chaos in the area, they extort people, they see all the people them bright and upcoming daughters and try to use intimidation to get their hands on the young children,” one resident told the News Team.

“You know how that feel to hear criminals a send and a demand that people send their teenaged daughters to them. That’s barbaric,” said the resident who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal.

Senior Superintendent Fitz Bailey, who heads the Clarendon Division, confirmed reports made by the residents.

“We have received those reports of members of the gang making such attempts,” Bailey told the News Team.

Another police source stated: “We have received reports of major extortion — farmers raising their animals and criminals just walk onto their farm, killing the animal they desire and leaving at their own pace.”

Earlier this week, it has been reported that the Web Lane gang had been forcing business operators in Clarendon to sell illegal drugs and other illicit items from their establishments.



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