Pregnant Woman Allegedly Chopped to Death by Child's Father in Milkriver Clarendon

Details are a bit sketchy surrounding the death of a pregnant woman who suffered severe chop wounds to the upper body and facial area at the hands of her lover.

According to inside source, the now deceased woman who goes by the name, Opal a 'popular person' from Milkriver Clarendon, mother of 3 boy also a little girl, was in a confrontation with her child's father over money.

When the demands were not met, its alleged that Denis (Opal's Husband) used a sharp object to deliver several chop wounds to her neck and facial area where she died instantly.

He fled the scene.

According to residents, the couple had long term relationship disputes with her husband in Clarendon.

Close friends and families of the two expressed shock and disbelief with the fact that her husband who was a very quiet and calm man, could do such a vicious and insensitive act to the mother of all or can we say most of his kids including the unborn.

Rumor has it that Denis may not be the biological father of the unborn.



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