Tomorrow Jamaica Forms A New Government; Are You Invited?

The  swearing in ceremony for Prime Minister-designate Andrew Holness will take place at King’s House at 4pm on tomarrow (Thursday March 3, 2016).

According to a statement from the Office of  the Prime Minister, in accordance with the Constitution,  Holness will take the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of  Office of  Prime Minister of Jamaica.

He will then receive the Instrument of Appointment to the Office of Prime Minister from the Governor-General. The new Prime Minister will then make his inaugural address during the two-hour ceremony.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) secretariat has sought to assure the public that tax-payers will not foot the cost of accommodating party supporters at the swearing in ceremony. Instead, it will be financed by JLP volunteers and from the party's coffers.

"There is the cost of the entire facility, chairs, refreshments etc, that kind of cost is significant and we believe it should be borne outside of the government's treasury , we wish to make it clear that we are not into a large pageantry at this stage when the country's finances are still very delicate," said JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang.

The expense of the ceremony, to be attended by a number of official guests, will be covered by the State.



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