Luciano Son Ambushed and Stabbed to Death At Half-Way Tree; St Andrew

Luciano's son was killed shortly after 4pm yesterday (Saturday) in the busy streets of Half Way Tree, St Andrew.

Reports are that 19 year old Menilick Mcclymont was on his way from class at Maths Unlimited, A private college in Half Way Tree, when he was ambushed by a set of men who he may had an altercation with.

He was ganged and stabbed several times all over his body, the men then jump aboard a motor vehicle which sped away.

He was later rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors did their best to help but he had succumbed to his injuries. Menilick Mcclymont was the last child for his mother and also the son of talented music royalty, LUCIANO.

Menilick resided in New York USA for some time, until a year ago he decided to follow his passion and relocated to Kingston, Jamaica. He wanted to complete his studies and follow in the footsteps of his famous dad, the great Luciano.

In a video, Luciano along with a friend of his got the word out and appealed for persons to come forward if they have any information.




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