J.U.T.C Bus Driver Allegedly Beaten By A Group Of J.L.P Party Supporters

Chairman of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) Garnett Roper claims that one of the company’s bus drivers has been hospitalized after he was beaten, allegedly by a group of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) supporters.

"The reports we received are that the driver was carrying a group of supporters from the JLP when they attempted to remove a section of the emergency exit," Roper told the news team.

According to Roper, the driver instructed the men to stop and he was attacked and beaten.

The Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) has reported that 18 of its buses, which were rented to the Jamaica Labour Party for its conference in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew, on Sunday, have been damaged.

"A total of 71 buses were rented to JLP and it's supporters on Sunday and 18 of these buses were returned damaged," Garnett Roper, head of the State-owned bus company told the news team.

Roper said 10 of the buses were severely damaged and cannot be sent back on the road until they are repaired.

Source: jamaicaobserver.com



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